Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day Salute

I'm starting this blog on Mother's Day 2007 so I guess it is only appropriate to honor all those loving mom's out there. Thank you moms of the world! Of course, not every mom is a loving mom, as they pointed out on CBS Sunday Morning today. Some mother's are horrors! I guess that makes me and my kids that much luckier than some. My Mom and Dad gave me a very happy childhood. In fact, my childhood was the happiest time of my life, which is as it should be, but my kids are having the childhood I only dreamed of. The funny thing is that I think they know it. They're good kids and that is a testament to their Mom. My wife devotes most of her time to volunteering at their school, cooking, cleaning, helping with homework, driving them to lessons, and doing all that "mom stuff."

We spent a quiet day at home. Sue's a very practical woman who has no desire to battle the crowds just because it is a Hallmark holiday so we ordered out and brought dinner home. As usual, she wants something for the house so she'll even get her present later.


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