Sunday, February 15, 2009

Brian Williams Get Off Your Wallet!

Lately it seems like even those whose income shouldn’t have changed due to the down economy are not spending their money.  That’s why an article about how NBC anchor Brian Williams is not spending his money caught my eye.  It seems that Williams, who makes $10,000,000.00 per year or about $866,000.00 per month, feels it is “not cool” and “not very sensitive” to spend money right now.  Good golly man!  Get up off your wallet and go stimulate the economy fool!  Don’t let your misguided desire to show solidarity with the common working man, take food off that man’s table.

You don’t have to “ostentatious” to spend money.  If you make enough for a Bentley Continental GT like Williams then buy yourself a Cadillac like your average Florida retiree instead.  You’ll be helping the economy, but you still won’t be ostentatious for your income level.  There’s a fine line between reckless spending and wise spending within your means.  But it seems that people have gone from acting like they have bottomless pits of money to behaving like the well is completely dry and they live in the Sahara.  It is true that people were feeling rich and spending like there is no tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean that the penduluum must swing completely the other way.

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  1. Harry--
    I am having the Hanoi equialent of Brian Willaims'feelings. Although I don't make $86K a month (I wish), we do make something like 60-70 times the average wage in Hanoi. It feels weird buying doodads for the house all the time and then having a housekeeper and language tutor see it all when they come in the house.
    But, unlike Brian Williams, I am committed to doing my part to keep the economy going. Its my duty.